Superhero Party

A two hour, full party package was booked along with our ‘Bat’ and ‘Beauty Princess’ characters.

The party took place at a local community hall and 20 children were invited. Lisa Lollipop, our Beauty Princess and Bat character arrived 20 minuets before the start time to meet the birthday girl and set up the face paint table and equipment.

During the first 30 minutes of the party, while everyone arrived, each child received a sparkling princess or superhero face or arm painting and had photos taken with their favourite characters.

The children played with the crawl through tubes and tent and danced to music both provided by our Lollipop Entertainer.

Once the children had all arrived and received a painting they played one hour of traditional party games with hero prizes with Lisa Lollipop, Beauty Princess and Bat characters.

• Pass the Hero parcel

• Super statues & Hero bumps

• What’s the time add favourite heroes name?

• A hero twist on the traditional duck, duck goose game.

• Singing and dancing

Each child also received a balloon model, made as they ate their party food in the last half an hour of the party.

Happy 5th Birthday Ellie 🍭🎂🎉

“We loved coming to your party today.
Your cake was amazing with six different themes!” 😆

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