Full Party Package at Home

“I’d most definitely rate the party a 5 out of 5. The kids all had an absolute whale of a time 😁

I was a bit worried to start with having it at the house, I wished I had booked a hall but there was no need to have worried. I can’t believe how you managed to hold their attention and entertain them for that length of time . So impressed .

I will be sure to be recommending you to others. You are so worth every penny.”🍭

Children having a great time dancing with Lisa Lollipop!

Full Party Package

🏆 Top Party Feedback! 🏆

Our party definitely gets a 5 out of 5!

The kids had an absolute blast and Lisa held their attention for the entire duration. Face painting, party games, dancing and balloon animals- what more could you want when you are 4?!

It was such a pleasure for us as parents to be able to sit back and watch our daughter enjoy her party with someone else in total control.

Would not hesitate to recommend Lisa Lollipop to others

Thank you!

Happy Birthday girl with Lisa Lollipop

Mum Fiona opted for the two hour, full party package for her daughter’s 4th birthday party which took place at her local hall.

Around 16 children were invited and each child received a face or arm painting at the start of the party while everyone arrived. During this 30 minutes the children played with the crawl through tubes and tent and danced to music both provided by our Lollipop Entertainer.

Once the children had all arrived and received a painting they played one hour of traditional party games that they all loved…

• Pass the parcel

Almost ready to start pass the parcel

• Musical statues & bumps

• What’s the time Mr Wolf?

• Duck, duck goose

• Singing and dancing

Imagination game

Each child also received a balloon modelled animal, made as they ate their party food in the last half an hour of the party.

Lisa Lollipop Themed Birthday Cakes

Why not have a ‘Lollipop’ themed party with our Lollipop Entertainers.

These are just a few birthday cake examples of the creative effort our customers have made to make their parties ‘pop!’

Two tired cake with real lollipops, sweets and white chocolate drizzle.
‘Lollipop’ Cake with Lollipop character
Real lollipops, spots and tasty drizzle
Replica Giant lollipop with stick and lollipop sherbet dip!