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Balloon Modelling Animals at the Farm Training


Contents include: 100 latex balloons, balloon pump, sharpie pen, scissors and farm animals training course film set.

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Animals at the Farm balloon modelling Training.
Balloon modelling is a fun skill and with Lisa Lollipop showing you how it couldn’t be easier.
This training includes an Animals at the Farm balloon pack sent out to you including balloons, pump and tools required. We also provide access to ten farm animal themed ballooning instruction films.
This pack includes all the skills and equipment you need to start you on your Animals at the Farm modelling journey. Balloon pigs, sheep, cows, horses and chickens will leave you wanting more.

•  Wonderful fun for children and adults
•  Terrific instruction for team building events
•  Great for Guides earning their circus skills badge
•  Direct way to draw in a crowd for launch events and exhibitions

We regret that we cannot accept returns of this entertainment service as it contains an entertainment link on purchase which is not suitable for return.


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