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Virtual Party Service

STAY SAFE and party at home

Please check our diary below to book your virtual party with Lisa Lollipop Live.

Once booked we’ll send out party e-invitations for you to forward on to your friends and family.

I Look forward to seeing you all soon,

Lisa Lollipop x


If you are unable to see the booking form above please try a different internet browser. 

If using Apple devices you may need to change to your Safari browser.

Each home will need:

1.  Small party prizes

Everyone loves to win prizes at parties and these encourage your child/children to join in the fun. 

You can purchase our Party Boxes when booking or make your own prizes. 

Here are examples of things you may already have at home or can have fun making: Homemade cookies, sweets, stickers, homemade vouchers for fun things, small games and toys. It is useful to have a large prize saved for the end for the dance competition winner.


2.  Pass the Parcel (or Pillow)

You can purchase our Party Boxes when booking or make your own pass the parcel.

Have fun making a FIVE layer parcel with four small party prizes in each layer and a large prize in the middle. All your friends will also make their parcels so as you un-wrap the layers together it helps to have the same number of layers.

You can use any type of layer you like, who says it has to be wrapping paper? If making a parcel just isn’t possible then you can use a pillow instead. Please do make sure your friends all use a pillow too so no-one feels left out.

3.  Everyone in the home willing to join in the fun

Once you and all party participants are connected the fun begins. Each home will be able to see and speak to each other along with Lisa Lollipop. Everyone will be able to see each home joining in their own party games, dancing and winning prizes (given out by you).

Lisa Lollipop will also see you all and direct both children and adult participants on how the games work in your small groups and what each family will be doing to join in.



4.  A device with a camera and connected to Wi-Fi.

A device with a large screen is best to see all details. If you have a tablet or laptop with a camera this will work fine.

It is also possible to connect your device to your TV by screen mirroring. This allows you to view content from your mobile device on your TV screen.



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